Our service team consists of professionals with technical skill sets and are deployed at all our branches. Our staff is very friendly and their training allows them to quickly identify your requirements. They are completely capable of not only spot consultation/suggestion but also can provide training to you or your generator operator regarding proper maintenance of your valued investment.

We offer the following services and at any time are ready to provide additional, more customised service to you.

  • 1. Acoustic Enclosures for Replacement/Open generators
  • 2. AMF Panel
  • 3. Distribution Panel
  • 4. Remote Panel
  • 5. Installation and Commissioning of Generator
  • 6. Engine Overhauling and Alternator Winding
  • 7. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
  • 8. Breakdown service and Periodical maintenance
  • 9. Other brand Genset services
  • 10. Genset recommended Oil and Spares distribution
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