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SACS POWER has more than 30 years experience when it comes to generator. This experience has given us immense advantage over competition. Customers have always recognised SACS for its quality. Our focus has always been the successful running of the genset whenever the customer needs it the most.
Step 1: Identify the electrical requirement which needs to run when the generator is switched on.
Step 2: Contact our sales executive
Single phase generator set is recommended for residence and commercial use where the load used is 240 volts. This is recommended to avoid problems from unbalanced load.
Up to 30 kva both Single Phase & Three Phase DG set available. From 40 kva onwards all ratings are three phase.
SACS POWER is registered with TIIC, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Shriram Finance, Mahindra Finance, Sundaram finance and TATA Capital finance making the process simple for you.
We are recognised easily in The Tamil Nadu Industrial Corporation Ltd (TIIC) which provides financial assistance such as term loans at low interest rates for new projects or to expand/modernise/diversify the existing projects. All smile scale/medium/large scale industries and service sector units are eligible for financial assistance. Proprietary concern, Partnership concern, Private Limited company and Public Limited Company are eligible for financial assistance.

If you need further clarification, our nearby sales executive can assist you.

Below are the basic documents needed from a customer in order to process a loan:​

  • KYC documents - Address, Identity & Signature Proof
  • Bank statement - Last 9 months
  • IT Returns with Financials for the last three years (if any)
  • Any Repayment Track of Loan
  • Security Document
Tamil Nadu State Government provides Generator subsidy!
25% of the cost of Generator set up to the capacity of 320 kva purchased by all new and existing Micro, Small and Medium manufacturing enterprise for their captive use subject to the maximum limit of Rs.5.00 lakhs applied through DIC within three months from the date of purchase of the Genset.​
Find the size of the genset you have chosen from our website or brochure. Check if your site has the required space to place your generator. If you do not have the required space you can approach our sales representatives for alternate options.
  • 1. Generator should be placed in a place with ventilation
  • 2. Genset should be placed on the Zero Level Foundation
  • 3. Minimum 4 feet free space to be provided around all sides of the set for door opening, maintenance purpose and air circulation
  • 4. Height of the foundation depends on the condition of the site. Rain water should not enter the generator
  • 5. Regarding electrical, 4 numbers earth pit required, necessary cabling and suitable changeover to be provided
SACS will carry turnkey job i.e. SITC (Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning).
Based upon the sit condition/customer preference, panel is to be selected as Manual Panel, Remote Panel, Semi Auto Panel, Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) or ATS Panel (Auto Transfer Switch).
If you require your generator to be movable/portable then SACS can build a trolley for your generator. This has to be mentioned at the time of making the order.

Trolley details:
Our trolley is designed to be compact and carry the weight of the generator. We provide two types of trolley: a two wheel trolley and a four wheel trolley.​

Based upon the sit condition/customer preference, panel is to be selected as Manual Panel, Remote Panel, Semi Auto Panel, Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) or ATS Panel (Auto Transfer Switch).


The Government of India made the usage of acoustic enclosure for the generator mandatory. This comes under the Environment Protection rules and noise limit for diesel generators. Our acoustic enclosures comply with pollution board norms which keeps the noise level under 75db.
SACS DG set warranty period as per the norms of the Manufacturers of Engine & Alternator is 2 years or 5000 hrs whichever is earlier.
Oil and Filter change period 15 kva to 160 kva - 600 hours or 12 months whichever is earlier.
  • 1. Check the lube oil level, fuel level, battery condition, coolant level in the radiator before igniting the Genset
  • 2. "ON LOAD" ensures the load given is balance. Recommended load should be given. Avoid over loading the genset.
  • 3. Genset should run at least once in 3 days for 15 minutes in order to charge the battery
  • 4. Periodically Oil and Filters should be replaced
Our sales representatives are always available to answer your queries.​
You can reach out to SACS SERVICE at 8012512568 or 9840288850.

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