SACS Diesel Genset 40 – 125 kva

These Generators are powered by TATA engines of the family 497 and 697.These engines have unmatched performance compared to competition. Excellent fuel economy, low operating cost, reliability and durability are the key attributes that make our generators a preferred one. The entire range is user friendly and offers flawless performances during harsh condition. The genset can run with acoustic doors closed for long continuous operation. With this performance we are able to establish our self as a leading supplier of SACS 40-125 KVA.

The generator with its acoustic enclosure is designed for optimum serviceability and long lasting life.

The enclosures are manufactured with AMADA CNC machinery which delivers with high precision and quality. The acoustic enclosures are powder coated with seven tank process for long life and weather proofing.

The SACS 40-125 kva assures return on investment for its possessors. The generator is best suited for industrial applications where smooth load taking capacity and 100% load taking capability is its key advantage. For Hospitality and service sector applications where low down time is a priority. For textile industries and commercial customers where competitive spares and availability are a concern, SACS generators is the best suited option.

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