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SACS Industrial Acoustics

SACS is a turnkey provider able to offer design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of noise control, vibration control acoustic enclosures for a wide range of applications. With over 30 years’ of experience in sheet metal manufacturing, we can provide custom and cost effective solutions.With our Acoustic expertise, we have helped our customers create a safe working environment and also comply with statutory limits. Reach us with your requirements and we can help you build a safe working environment for your people. SACS Acoustic Enclosure Applications.The different Industry applications that can use SACS Acoustics are,

Compressor Acoustic Enclosure

Compressor Acoustics provides a cost effective solution for noise reduction and pleasant operator working conditions. The acoustics can be a modular constructed enclosure or a pre-fabricated drop over enclosure. They are built with high acoustic standards and suitable for permanent or temporary installations or for re-location if need arises.

Industrial Applications

The enclosures are can be made to order for various industrial application like Forging machines, equipment for vibration control etc. The enclosures are designed with the best fit, powder coated with seven tank process and assembled for the best performance.

Diesel and Gas Generator Enclosures

All open gensets or acoustic enclosure replacements can be done and will comply to Central Pollution Board’s latest norms. The noise db level achieved will be much better than the recommended norms due to perfection and quality manufacturing.
The Gensets acoustics are designed with proper ventilation with acoustics louvers for efficient running of the genset. The genset can run with closed doors even for long hours of operation.

Room Acoustics

The purpose of Room Acoustics will help protect staff from noisy plant and machinery. The noise reduction will help create a eco-friendly and safe working environment. Sliding doors are an option where space is a constraint or for convenience for maintenance and repair work.

Why choose SACS Industrial Acoustics

  • Complete Turnkey solution from design to assembly.
  • Noise Control, Vibration Reduction and work environment safety is the objective.
  • Quality Acoustic enclosure made with right quality raw materials for durability.
  • Powder coated with seven tank process for long life.
  • Modular Solutions.
  • Made with required ventilation.
  • Made for operator convenience.
  • Weather proof Acoustics.